News: Fractals lets start with teory :)

Fractals lets start with teory :)

What is fractal? Well, it's a geometric shape which sometimes is hard to draw but looks very nice. There are some fractals which are easy to draw for example Koch snowflake or Sierpinski triangle:

Fractals lets start with teory :)

Drawing Koch Snowflake:

  1. Draw a equilateral triangle (every side is equal)
  2. On every side draw smaller triangle
  3. Go back to step 2 :)

Drawing Sierpinski Snowflake:

  1. Draw a equilateral triangle
  2. In the middle of every side of that triangle mark a point
  3. Connect points with lines, now we have smaller triangle in bigger one. Now it gets a little harder.
  4. Do steps 2 and 3 for triangles that share corners with the bigger one
  5. If you want more triangles then draw them like in the above image or like in the picture below (in every black triangle):

Fractals lets start with teory :)

It was simple but not very interesting. What will happen if we use some computer programs and apply a little maths and knowledge about fractals in it?

A little fun with Apophysis & Photoshop:

Fractals lets start with teory :)

Mandelbrot set and Terragen:

Fractals lets start with teory :)

How to make images like those? I will write it in next articles :)

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